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Welcome to the world of Pokéumans!

Hello visitors! My name is Brandon the Lucario! What if I told you Pokémon were real? What if I told you that certain humans could transform into Pokémon? What if I told you that these Pokémon were living in hidden bases all around the world? You would think I'm crazy right? Well you're wrong. These transformed humans become "Pokéumans," a group of human turned Pokémon who is at war with the Pokéxtinction organization, the opposite of our organization who kidnaps and BRAINWASHES Pokéumans lead by the mysterious mad Mewtwo scientist, Mr. X! When I discover I'm a Pokéuman, I join the Long Island base and discover and experience many things. Join today and discover the action, adventure and emotion of Pokéumans! :iconsays2plz::iconpokemonmanic3595: lucario

:pokeball:IMPORTANT RULES! PLEASE READ!:pokeball:

1. Anything you submit MUST be Pokéuman related. Any unrelated Pokémon fanart will be removed.

2. This is not a group for anthros or Pokémorphs, or Fakemon. Pokéumans are 100% Pokémon.

3. Any fan of the story can join and write spinoff stories. Just as long as you accredit pokemonmanic3595

4. FORBIDDEN POKEMON: - Cannot be used as characters!
:bulletblack: Unown (since their Egg Group is 'Undiscovered', it can be assumed they never bred with humans)
:bulletblack: Any Legendary
:bulletred: Any Mega from pokemon making it's debut in Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire (until the games come out this November)
:bulletred: Any sort of Primal Devolution (at lest until Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire come out this November)

5. SPECIAL CASES: - There are special rules regarding humans transforming into these Pokémon, sometimes known as Energy Transformations. (click here for more info), but if you follow those rules, they can be used as normal characters.

6. Have fun, but be courteous to your fellow Pokéumans. We're all in this together, you know?

7. Follow the guidelines written by our very own Storymwing, located here.

Other Links and Info

If you want to find out what event's are scheduled for it, or if you want to host your own see the Calendar

CHECK OUR (still under construction) WIKI PAGE!

Journal Version
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If you have a Protagonist, please comment on the list to get them added!
If you have a Base, comment on this list to get it added!
If your story is discontinued or finished, please comment on this third list to get that story updated!

:star: And if you have any other questions, be sure to send a note to the group, or post a message on the group's homepage! But please: Check the FAQ first! :star:

Group Info

To all fans of my Pokéumans story, now you can join the secret organization of REAL Pokémon. Draw your Pokémon counterparts, write about your experiences in the base, but most of all, have fun!
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Until Jul 8, 2015

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Group Activity
Wahey! We had lots of great entries for both of our contests; heaps of you stepped up to the challenge, and it was awesome to read through everything-

Eh?!? You don't care?!? You just want your results already?!? How very rude! You all ought to be praised for doing such a great job! It's not fair! Let me praise you! C'mon! I have another two thousand words of speech to give, and-

...Fine. Be like that, I guess?

First up is the Dimensional Gems Contest! Our wonderful judges were this wonderful people: :iconstorymwing: :iconsolomansky: :iconspyrofreak01: :iconyellowfire7: :iconspoonerdog123: 

And we must have all thought the same way about something, since the scores were all very close - just look at the numbers for the top three!

In third place, with 32 points out of a possible 40 - Blood Diamond, by Aura-Alchemist! You win a Llama badge, and 61 dA Points! Spend 'em wisely!

In second place, with 34 points - Forgotten by  The2ndIdentity! You win a Llama badge,
one deviation (of your choice) moved to the Featured folder for two weeks worth of exposure, one sketch drawing commission (no background, one character per commission) by Pfaccioxx, and 101 dA Points!

In first place, with 35 points - Dimensional Gems Contest by  Man-in-crowd-4! You win a Llama badge, one deviation (of your choice) moved to the Featured folder for a month's worth of exposure, a Writing Feature critique-commentary on your spin-off series. (If you have more than one, it'll be on the one of your choice. If you don't actually have a spin-off series, this prize will go to second place), Two sketch drawing commissions (one with and one without a background, one character per commission) by Pfaccioxx, 200 dA Points, and, possibly, a reference in the Pokeumans Original Story in the future...

Aaaand that's all! Yep! Nope! Not forgetting any-

What's that? The title? Oh, yeah! Well, I technically drew the last UC round with the wonderful :devTheTigressWithin:'s entry, but I'll let her take the 100 :points: right off my hands! The next theme will be  Halloween, and you can find out all about the UC rules here, if you don't already know.

And that's all, folks - for real, this time.

...I think.
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Countdown to Ultimate Contest Deadline!

Countdown ended
Wednesday, September 24th @ 8:59pm

Aaaand this round is over! Who won? What's next? I'll decide, thanks very much~

How did you discover Pokeumans? 

41 deviants said Read a Pokeuman Story
34 deviants said Random Browsing
31 deviants said Through another deviant
3 deviants said Saw a Comment
3 deviants said By Other Means
No deviants said Through the group

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RasenganLucario Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
I'm not saying this to be mean, I'm just giving my honest opinion on some obvious problems nobody's seemed to notice.…
(2 Replies)
EddyXS Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Well, with my own story finished and out of the way, I have another idea involving Pokeumans in my head. But the problem is that it's technically a 'crossover' story. Are there specific rules as to what is acceptable or not as far as crossovers are concerned? My idea is still 100% Pokeumans, but with ideas from another series I adore mixed in.
(3 Replies)
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014   General Artist
Why are only 2 parts of gamer-dragon's 4 part Dmencanol Gem's contest entry in the Demencanol Gem's folder? and why is it part's 3 and 2 (in that order) that are in the folder? and why is part 2 near the front of the folder wile part 3 is smack dab in the middle of the folder when all the other multi-part entry's are grouped together?

Also why is TammyHybrid21's 3 part entry in reverce order (parts 3 > 2 > 1) in the folder

Are there any Dmencanol Gems contest entry's we put in the wrong folder besides 2 parts of gamer-dragon's entry?
I checked the Oneshots, single Ch & 2 ch. story folders, the UC folder, and the spinoff's D folder (witch by the way is missing a copy of "Divided I Stand Chapter 12 Canyon DG-Contest PT3") but didn't find any (besides the missing parts for gamer-dragon's entry / thoth that dos'nt meen I didn't miss anything) but I didn't check all the other folders due to limited time constraints on my part
(1 Reply)
spoonerdog123 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Heads up that I'm trying to do a thing. If any UC entries randomly appear in the Featured folder, do not remove them! They will be there for a few minutes at most!

OKAY, DONE. Here's a list of what I did: 

- Cleared out Featured folder of everything except the OS

- Added a new subfolder to the UC folder: Winning Entries. This has copies of the winning entries in it, surprisingly enough. 

- Updated descriptions for the UC folders.

- Moved Dimensional Gems folder to up under all the other competition folder because it looked a bit lonely at the bottom of the page.

- Updated word list for the UC.

Because of an issue I have with sub-folders, I had to copy all winning UC entries to the Featured folder before moving the copies to the Winning Entries folder. Please tell me if I've stuffed up and put a thing where it shouldn't be!
(1 Reply)
TheVideoGameRaptor Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
I won. I successfully made a contest entry in only one day. Good for me.
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