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Welcome to the world of Pokéumans!

Hello visitors! My name is Brandon the Lucario! What if I told you Pokémon were real? What if I told you that certain humans could transform into Pokémon? What if I told you that these Pokémon were living in hidden bases all around the world? You would think I'm crazy right? Well you're wrong. These transformed humans become "Pokéumans," a group of human turned Pokémon who is at war with the Pokéxtiction organization, the opposite of our organization who kidnaps and BRAINWASHES Pokéumans lead by the mysterious mad Mewtwo scientist, Mr. X! When I discover I'm a Pokéuman, I join the Long Island base and discover and experience many things. Join today and discover the action, adventure and emotion of Pokéumans! :iconsays2plz::iconpokemonmanic3595: lucario

:pokeball:IMPORTANT RULES! PLEASE READ!:pokeball:

1. Anything you submit MUST be Pokéuman related. Any unrelated Pokémon fanart will be removed.

2. This is not a group for anthros or Pokémorphs, or Fakemon. Pokéumans are 100% Pokémon.

3. Any fan of the story can join and write spinoff stories. Just as long as you accredit pokemonmanic3595

4. FORBIDDEN POKEMON: - Cannot be used as characters!
:bulletblack: Unown (since their Egg Group is 'Undiscovered', it can be assumed they never bred with humans)
:bulletblack: Any Legendary
:bulletred: Any Mega from pokemon making it's debut in Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire (until the games come out this November)
:bulletred: Any sort of Primal Devolution (at lest until Omega Ruby and/or Alpha Sapphire come out this November)

5. SPECIAL CASES: - There are special rules regarding humans transforming into these Pokémon, sometimes known as Energy Transformations. (click here for more info), but if you follow those rules, they can be used as normal characters.

6. Have fun, but be courteous to your fellow Pokéumans. We're all in this together, you know?

7. Follow the guidelines written by our very own Storymwing, located here.

Other Links and Info

If you want to find out what event's are scheduled for it, or if you want to host your own see the Calendar

CHECK OUR (still under construction) WIKI PAGE!

Journal Version
Gallery Version
Wikia Version

If you have a Protagonist, please comment on the list to get them added!
If you have a Base, comment on this list to get it added!
If your story is discontinued or finished, please comment on this third list to get that story updated!

:star: And if you have any other questions, be sure to send a note to the group, or post a message on the group's homepage! But please: Check the FAQ first! :star:

Group Info

To all fans of my Pokéumans story, now you can join the secret organization of REAL Pokémon. Draw your Pokémon counterparts, write about your experiences in the base, but most of all, have fun!
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Until Jul 8, 2015

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Aug 1, 2010


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Countdown to Dimensional Gems Contest

Tuesday, September 23rd @ 4:00pm

Get those entries in before the deadline runs out!

EDIT: We've given you all ten extra days to get your ideas written and submitted. Don't waste this time!

Contest Journal
Hey everybody, sollomansky here to remind y'all that the Dimensional Gems contest is just under three days from being over (as in completely, indisputably over) and it's time to submit those last minute revisions. Also, for the judges, here is the OFFICIAL CONTEST RUBRIC!

Technical Writing [/15]
- spelling/grammar/sentence structure: The physical structuring of sentences and words. 0-4 range entries include a large number of spelling, grammar or sentencing errors; 5-9 range entries include some minor slips or a few consistently made errors. To score a 10, there may be only a few errors, and no consistently made errors. [/10]

- narrative flow: How well the story transitions from one idea/scene to another. Entries with sudden transitions or time-skips should not be penalized if the time-skips make sense, i.e in the form of a diary entry or similar. Entries scoring in the 0-1 range feature large and odd jumps which do not make sense, or alternatively sudden subject changes between sentences which do not make sense in the context of the story. Entries scoring in the 2-3 range feature a moderate amount of inconsistencies, but the flow is generally coherent. Entries scoring in the 4-5 range have a consistent narrative flow which makes sense for most, if not all, the time. [/5]

Creativity [/25]
- clarity of ideas: How easy it is to understand the story. A difficult-to-understand story should score in the 0-2 range. A fair to moderately decent conveying of ideas should score around a 3-4 range. A score of 5 should be given in the case of an unusual or complex perspective/format being pulled off well, or in the case of a particularly relatable story. [/5]

- theme: How well the story fits the contest's subject. Only stories that completely miss the point of the contest or get things wrong about the canon should receive a score in the 0-2 range; stories that feature or relate the theme moderately should receive a score in the 3-7 range; only stories that feature the theme prominently and tie it up in an excellent presentation should receive a score in the 8-10 range. [/10]

- plot: The organization and elaboration of ideas into a tangible story. "Plot Without Point" stories should score in the 0-1 range, with a generic adventure hitting a 2-3 based on how elaborate the plot is. A 4-5 should only be given in the case that the plot is very elaborate indeed. Please consider that there are limitations to plot depth in any entry due to the nature of most writing contests. [/5]

-detailing: The effectiveness of the story's details by measure of conveying intent. Please note that the amount of details is not the winning criteria. Deliberately minimalist entries are not to be penalized. 0-1 range stories in this category include too many or not enough details to make the intent confusing; 2-3 range stories have a moderate amount of details to support the story's intent, but still unclear in a few places; 4-5 range stories include enough details to effectively convey the image and emotion of what's going on to the reader. [/5]

TOTAL: [/40]

So there you go! Leave a comment if anything is unclear.
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Recent Journal Entries

Countdown to Ultimate Contest Deadline!

Wednesday, September 24th @ 8:59pm

Remaining time to submit your ULTIMATE CONTEST entries, and vote for your favourite! You can read all about the ULTIMATE CONTEST here:

How long have you been with Pokeumans? 

37 deviants said Less than 6 months
28 deviants said 1 year
19 deviants said 3 years
16 deviants said 2 years
10 deviants said All 4 years!

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megaman0591 Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
So, I'm thinking of FINALLY starting my story, but as I've never uploaded anything to dA before, let alone this group, I want to clear up a few things first:
1. What program do you guys use to write your stories? (Ms word, pages, etc.)
2. Uploading to dA seem easy enough, but how do you upload to a specific group?
3. I'm aware of the general backstory of all this, but is there a specific time period (middle ages, renaiscence, etc.) for when the original pokemon left for that other dimension? Or is that up for interpretation by the author?

If I come up with any other questions, I'll add them later.
(1 Reply)
gamer-dragon Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Only two parts of my Dimensional Gems Contest entry were moved to the appropriate folder. Part 1 is missing.
(1 Reply)
Hidden by Commenter
Anyone got a good idea for a pokemon that is normally cute that evolves into something hyper menacing? It is vital for my OC's Despair Event Horizon.
(5 Replies)
Pfaccioxx Featured By Owner 6 days ago   General Artist
I know the OS takes place in the year 2010, but what MONTH dos it take place in?
(I need to know for my UC entry, as wile it's not derictly conicted to the OS, I am useing when it takes place as a ref for my entry)
(1 Reply)
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